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Well, perhaps you've come here to find information on or about BOINC projects. Sorry about that, but you've come to the wrong place. Admittedly, I've been a cruncher for a long, long time - since 1999 to be exact, but I've dropped it. There are reasons for that.

Well, as I said, I started back in 1999 - in the Good Old Days, when there was just SETI@home and nothing else. Crunching a work unit took a good 24 hours with the computers that were available in those days.

I had joined a team after a couple of months and I was quite happy whith what was going on. Then along came the BOINC framework, and the first couple of months was a bit frustrating, as things seemed not only quite different from what they were, but also things did not quite work as expected.

Then again appeared a whole plethora of new projects - the framework allowed for all sorts of problems that could be broken down to small bits and distributed among users. A lot of fun at first, but after a few years, there was a bunch of problems that grew around me.

  •  I felt no longer comfortable with my team. The people I had known from before, were slipping away and new folks took up the running an left me sort of behind.
  • The team web site's statistics got broken, and no one seemed to be able to do anything about it.

So, in the end I stopped to think things over and then decided to move on to another team. Things then seemed to have improved for a while, but then the old thing happened again, and this time it was worse:

  • The web site of the team broke down, because (apparently) the owner had fogotten the password, and it was due for renewal, and then it could no longer be accessed and therefore the lease could not be renewed. Or some rigmarole to that effect; I forget the details.
  • Nobody managed to bring it up again, and nobody seemed to have the energy to bring up a new site. I had offered my services, but others stepped in, claiming to know better than me. As far as I know, the site is still down.

To cut the story short, I quit this team as well, and then decided to stop crunching all together. But there is more to it than just some hassle with teams. Consider:

  • I had comitted myself to doing work for BOINC ever since it was in existence.
    I spent computer time, left my machines running when there was no need for them to be switched on and spent a lot of money for electricity bills.
    On top of this is a burnt out graphics card, that had quietly died while crunching.
  • And if all this would not have been enough, there are - or rather were - certain projects that repeatetly asked me for monetary support to keep them up and running.

 If you take all this, and sit down and give it a good thinking over - why should I go on like this? Well, I've decided: No more BOINC for me, I've had it, there's nothing in it for me. It was fun for a long time, but that's the past.

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